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Ark Homes offers a bespoke property search service tailor made to meet your criteria. Sourcing sites throughout London and the South East, utilising many years of experience and market knowledge, we identify properties that present the greatest value for money for our clients. Using our extensive network of contacts, we monitor the market for exciting and profitable opportunities that often never reach the open market and offer our clients the greatest value for their investment.

We work exclusively with buyers and can assist with the necessary due-diligence before acquisition. Our expert appraisals help to quantify costs and highlight potential problems with a site, ensuring that the right price is negotiated before acquisition.

Our in-depth search concentrates on locations with optimal capital growth potential, narrowing down the vast array of on and off-market sites. If you are an experienced developer looking to add to your portfolio, or an investor looking for a home with added value, feel free to contact us today to see if we can help.

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